Independent Avon Sales Leader

Have you always wanted to start your own business but haven’t had access to the funds required?  If this is the case, then (Tahira’s Dream Team) and Avon have an amazing proposition for you!  It’s going to take some hard work, of course, we’d be lying if we said otherwise; but there is the realistic opportunity to earn a remarkable amount of money as an Independent Avon Sales Leader!

So what’s the difference between an Avon representative and a Sales Leader? An Avon Representative concentrates on selling products whilst an Avon Sales Leader concentrates on recruiting and training Avon representatives.  It is perfect for representatives who have got to the stage where they want to help others in working for the company.

Becoming an Avon Sales Leader

Could you manage your own team? Earn from their efforts? Be your own boss? Choose your own hours? You can do all of these things. The beauty of sales leadership is that the more time you choose to invest, the bigger the potential rewards. That is why AVON call it their earnings opportunity.

Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself…. You will recruit, train and support your own team of Independent AVON representatives, earning from their sales, and then from their team’s sales, then their team’s team’s sales as your business grows. You can work around your usual day job, perhaps fitting in recruiting at weekends or on days off. Or you can make sales leadership your full time business.

Avon sales leadership is all about network marketing and creating opportunities for yourself and your new independent AVON representatives, who could also become potential down-line sales leaders for you in the future. Earnings are calculated according to the size and level of your team, but there are sales leaders in the UK, who are achieving £2,000 PER CAMPAIGN. They are full time sales leaders, of course but the unlimited earning opportunity is there for ANYONE. Other Rewards include the opportunity to win holidays, cars, laptops, cash prizes and much more.